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Keeping our patients and staff healthy is our top priority

In addition to the mandatory infection control standards set out by our regulatory body (that were designed to prevent the transmission of potential pathogens, and have been shown to be effective over several decades) we have ALSO exceeded the guidelines for care and cleanliness recommended by the CDC, BCDA, CDSBC, & WCB.


We will continue to build on these practices as new information comes available. Our team appreciates your patience and understanding while we implement requirements from Public Health Orders on an ongoing basis.

For further information about COVID-19 standards, please visit our regulatory body's website here.

Please call the office if you are sick.

You may not attend if you, or anyone in your household:

- Is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19

- Are required to self-isolate as per guidelines set out by BC Centre for Disease Control (Click here to see)

*there are emergency exemptions

Masks Recommended

(but no longer required)

Upon entering the office, you will find a station where you may sanitize your hands. 


Masks are available in the event that you forget yours and wish to wear one in the common areas.


Our clinical staff are required to wear masks at all times while interacting with you.

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