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Our Team


Our goal is to make dentistry as pleasant an experience as possible.

From routine dental procedures to complex treatment plans, Cordova Bay Dental will provide optimum dental and oral health care to people of all ages in our modern, boutique style atmosphere. 


By providing a team of highly educated, honest, and compassionate professionals, we aim to understand your goals and help you establish good life-long oral healthcare routines. Your experience is our priority. Our goal is to ensure that your time with us is as comfortable as possible and that you leave our office feeling confident and fully informed about your dental health.

Does dental treatment make you nervous? We specialize in treating those with dental anxiety, offering a variety of sedation options to remove barriers for getting the treatment you need.


We are an assignment office; we will direct-bill to your dental insurance on your behalf.

We bill at the standard provincial fee guide rates.

If you'd like to transition your family to Cordova Bay's newest dental office, get in touch today!


Hi! I'm Dr. Pooja Panwar

Owner, DMD, BSc


Dr. Panwar grew up on the lower mainland.  She graduated from UBC with a Bachelor of Science degree and continued her studies at The Goldman School of Dental Medicine at Boston University.  She graduated with her dental degree in 2005.


Pooja believes in life-long learning and evidence based practice. She has taken numerous courses to advance both her clinical education and human resource training, and is active in study clubs. Pooja is a proud member of Victoria Dental Association, the BC Dental Association and Canadian Dental Association. 

Dr Panwar has had extensive training in treating patients with dental phobia.  She has specialized training in pill sedation, nitrous oxide and IV sedation.  She has been doing IV sedation for over 10 years.  She is deeply passionate about ensuring those with dental anxiety obtain the treatment they need.


She is excited to put down roots in this beautiful Cordova Bay neighborhood and looks forward to building life-long relationships with the patients in her care. 

In her spare time you can find her trying to keep up with her two kids and husband on the ski hill or on the golf course.

Hi! I'm Dr. Erin Short

Associate Dentist, Mama to Jesse and Yoshie

Dr Short brings over 35 years of private practice experience in family dentistry. She has also worked for the faculty of dentistry at Camosun College, provided dentistry in institutional settings, and in the OR’s with oral surgeons over the course of her career. She is a member of the BCDA and BCCOHP, and keeps up with continuing education studies in a progressively changing profession.


Erin graduated in 1987 with several awards/certificates and the University gold medal in her faculty from the University of Manitoba. A good province to come from, but BC has been her home and playground since 1989. She does not miss the extreme cold or the mosquitoes at all!


Outside of work, Erin is usually in perpetual motion and is passionate about cycling, running, open water and length swimming, SUP’ing, kayaking and hiking with friends and her sidekick Yoshie the Yorkie:). Gentler interests are reading, puzzling, baking and golfing.


Erin lives on in memory of her only son Jesse (July 22/1992-Oct 29/2014) who remains an eternal beacon in her life.

Click here to view Jesse's obituary 

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Pooja Bio




Registered Dental Hygienist

Jen was born and raised in Manitoba. After graduating from the University of Manitoba in 1997, she moved to Victoria.


As a Registered Dental Hygienist who also works in a periodontal specialty field, she excels in clinical advice to prevent or halt dental diseases, which contributes to your overall health and wellness. As Jen's patient, you will receive experienced, individualized dental hygiene care, delivered with a calm assuring demeanor. 

In her spare time, Jen can be found spending time with her husband and two teenage children. Some of her hobbies include practicing yoga, skiing, cooking and fishing.


Registered Dental Hygienist

It's always a party in the room with Ronda! 

Her bubbly personality will have the time in the dental chair passing faster than you think.

Ronda's years of experience in dentistry has given her opportunity to see many patients improve their overall health through individualized oral hygiene recommendations. 

The only place she sits still is at work; when she isn't in the office, she's biking, running, and attending kid's sport events!


Registered Dental Hygienist

A Vancouver Island native, Pamela graduated from the Dental Hygiene Department at  Camosun College in 1997, then obtained a Bachelor of Dental Science degree from UBC in 2013.


Pamela believes that achieving optimal oral health results from a strong partnership between the individual and the clinicians who serve them. Ongoing education and familiarizing herself with the latest science and evidence based practice methods is essential in treating periodontal related diseases.

When not working, Pamela enjoys many activities such as hiking, running and cycling. She loves spending time with her two daughters and exploring new destinations with family and friends. 


Registered Dental Hygienist

Tracy is a local born and raised here on Vancouver Island. She completed her dental hygiene diploma in 2016 at Camosun College and received the Professionalism Award, Community Dental Health Award and the Dental Hygiene Presentation Award.

Tracy believes dental hygiene is a crucial factor in your overall health and well-being. 
When she’s not working here, she is helping people with their health and wellness, walking her fur baby Bailey or adventuring on the ocean. Some of her favourite things are spending time with family, travel, country music, plants, sushi, charcuterie and wine.


Fun fact: Tracy has an identical twin sister who works close by!





Chairside Assistant

Maria joined our team with enthusiasm to learn on the job! Her medical background in Ukraine contributes greatly to her growing knowledge of dentistry. 

Maria always has a smile on her face and a calm demeaner, helping even the most nervous to feel relaxed at the dentist. 

If you ask her where to get the best pastries in town, she will have the answer for you! Mara is a bakery connoisseur! 



Certified Office Manager

Amanda was raised in a military family with their final destination being the beautiful city of Victoria.


She graduated as a Certified Dental Assistant in 2011 and continued quenching her thirst for professional improvement through various human resource and business programs, including the Dental Practice Management certification at the University of British Columbia.  

You might be surprised to learn that despite her enthusiastic and bubbly personality, when she isn't hanging out with her two daughters, she can be found either boxing or officiating inside a ring!



Certified Dental Assistant

Candice has been working in dentistry as a Certified Dental Assistant since her graduation in 2006. Although she was born in Kimberly BC, she made Victoria her home when she moved here in 2000, and can't imagine being anywhere else.


While she is an indoor plant enthusiast, she also loves gardening, reading, and going for walks along the ocean.


You'll appreciate her warm personality and ability to walk even the most nervous patients through a positive dental experience, along with her incredible ability to remember the smallest details!


Yoshie  The real boss

Yoshie graduated at the age of 3 months in training to practice as a therapy dog, relaxing clients who enjoyed having her resting in their laps for their dental appointments. Once the pandemic created a ‘forced hiatus/retirement’ of sorts for this little gal, she dug in her paws and decided not return to her previous state of employment. 


However, her new role as a friendly pacifier/greeter for both young and old has revived her status in the industry :) This little 5 pounder is non-shedding and her breed is considered hypoallergenic for most people.

*When you are attending your dental appointment, please ask us to crate Yoshie if you are afraid of dogs, if you have concerns regarding allergies, or for other personal reasons.

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